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musician. reader. writer. photographer. i like to watch movies by myself. i want to live in California.

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"wallflower" - 60"x90" - oil on canvas - Jen Mann
for my show “Q&A” november 20 in toronto at NSC
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The final painting “not the one” / 60”x90” - for my show “Q&A” at NSC in Toronto. November 20, 2014
an out-take from this same photo-shoot (where i was taking pictures to use as source for the painting) was posted from my instagram onto tumblr and has something like 100,000 re-blogs or something insane.
Something that most people don’t really realize - this is a self portrait. 
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Messages found around New York City the past two days

I think about you all the time

I don’t know how to forget you

Protect your magic

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Dani and Billy from Hocus Pocus. I love how Billy kept her safe within the salt circle :3


hair goals forever X

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